Women’s Self-Defense Program

Want to learn some beneficial BJJ techniques for self-defense without the physical intensity and competitive athletes of traditional BJJ training?

We have tailored our Women’s Self-Defense Program specifically for this purpose. We teach the best self-defense aspects of BJJ and other martial arts in a small group of women or a one-on-one format.

  • Women’s Self-Defense Module I – 5 classes for 1 hour covering introductory techniques for women and girls and situation management
  • Women’s Self-Defense Module II – 5 classes for 1 hour covering intermediate techniques for women and girls and situation management
  • Santa Clara Cardio Kickboxing – for more focused training in striking with punches and kicks, check out our kickboxing classes.

We are experts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and have developed a Women’s Self Defense program drawing from this expertise along with punching, kicking and other awareness tactics. BJJ is well known as the most effective martial arts and is the focus of our program. It was developed by the Gracie family specifically to neutralize size and power so it is an obvious choice for women’s self-defense curriculum.

We teach BJJ specific techniques to address:

  • Man choking from front
  • Man choking from back
  • Man choking from top

We also teach more general techniques to address:

  • Effective groin kicks on man
  • How to prevent being a vulnerable-looking target
  • Use of voice and posture when a threat is looming