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5/28/20 – COVID-19 UPDATE – We are currently offering online Zoom classes only. We look forward to continuing classes on site once the state and county allow us to do so.

We Can Train You in Traditional Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Learn traditional Gracie-style BJJ in the gi from the originators. Transform you by gaining self-confidence while learning practical techniques for self-defense from a martial art proven to be the most effective. Enhance your physical fitness with an amazing core workout. Most importantly, become a part of the worldwide Ralph Gracie Association.


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Gracie Kids BJJ Club

Our kids learn how to defend themselves in everyday situations both physically and mentally. Read more about 6-8 year old girls in BJJ

RGSJ Online Video Curriculum

You can watch San Jose instructors anytime. Our Module Curriculum brought to life with an extensive catalog of in-house instructional videos.

Easy to Follow Learning Structure – RGSJ Modular Curriculum

We make learning BJJ easy with a top down approach to understanding techniques. Each module represents a BJJ concept and is taught for an entire week of classes through specific techniques and drills. Our modules cover the core fundamentals as well advanced techniques and emerging techniques. More info…

New Location, Same 23-Year History

New location at 4607 Cherry Ave. in San Jose, CA for this historic martial arts dojo previously located for 23-years in Mt View, Ca. More info…

Ralph Gracie ADCC Interview on 4th Stringers

In October September during the ADCC 2019 event, Ralph Gracie appeared in a short interview with 4th Stringers. Ralph discusses the evolution of ADCC and venue selection for the event. The YouTube video of the interview is listed below:

Ralph Gracie Once Challenged Roy Jones, Jr to No-Rules Fight 1996

BJJ v. Boxing In October 1996, when both Ralph Gracie and Roy Jones, Jr. were undefeated and holding championship belts, Ralph challenged the heavier competitor to a no-rules fight to determine the greatest pound-for-pound figther. Jones Jr. was offered $1M for every minute he could survive. This challenge highlighted the Gracie family efforts at the…

Helio Gracie v. Masahiko Kimura

On October 23, 2951, Helio Gracie faced Kimura at the Marcana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The only way to win this Gracie Challenge under Gracie Rules was by submission or loss of consciousness. Helio was outweighed by 80 pounds.