Gracie Kids Club – San Jose Activity

  • Need an innovative after school activity for the kids?
  • Do your kids need to get more exercise?
  • Are your kids spending too much unstructured time on video games?

Our Gracie Kids curriculum focuses on 5 core principles:

  1. Safe Sparring
  3. Preparation (Gi and Belt Attire)
  4. Personal Best
  5. Grit

Pee Wee BJJ (4-7 year old)

Our youngest students make friendships, play games and have lots of fun, while learning the principles of BJJ. Core strength and flexibility are developed quickly, along with learning when it is appropriate to use martial arts in self-defense and anti-bullying.

Kids BJJ (7-10 year old)

Parents seek additional authority figures for 6 to 10 year old kids. Our young samurai absorb jiu jitsu principles through fun games and bonding. There is a special time here for young girls in which they are bigger, stronger and just as interested in jiu jitsu as the boys as discussed in this article.

Juniors BJJ (10-15 year old)

Let’s face it, parents need help with 10 to 15 year older children. We provide structured activities and mentorship designed to motivate and empower preteens. By 21, these jiu jitsu practitioners will be well on their way along the journey to black belt. Give your children the head start or just some self-confidence.