Ralph Gracie Once Challenged Roy Jones, Jr to No-Rules Fight 1996

BJJ v. Boxing

In October 1996, when both Ralph Gracie and Roy Jones, Jr. were undefeated and holding championship belts, Ralph challenged the heavier competitor to a no-rules fight to determine the greatest pound-for-pound figther. Jones Jr. was offered $1M for every minute he could survive. This challenge highlighted the Gracie family efforts at the time to prove Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as the dominant form of fighting.

Jones Jr. was realistic about the opportunity, stating that he was not interested in being the “ultimate warrior” and would limit his fighting to anyone to “strap on a pair of boxing gloves.” Years earlier, Helio Gracie had challenged Joe Louis, and, years later, Royce Gracie would challenge Mike Tyson. It was boxing heavyweight champion James Toney who accepted a fight in the MMA cage against former UFC champion, MMA fighter and wrestler Randy Couture. Toney was submitted in the first round by Couture. More recently, Floyd Maywether defeated former UFC champion in the boxing ring.

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