Ralph Gracie v. Makoto Muraoko: Battlecade Extreme Fighting 1 1995

On November 18, 1995, Ralph Gracie age 24 fought Makato Muraoko in the first Battlecade Extreme Fighting event in Wilmington, North Carolina. Ralph at 159 pounds won by rear naked choke submission finish in 40 seconds of the first round. Muraoko was a karate black belt. Other fighters on the card included Carlson Gracie Jr. and Mario Sperry.

This event was one of the early MMA events held legally in the United States. At this point, MMA was still no holds barred and headbutts were allowed.

Later, Ralph returned to the promotion to become lightweight champion and defend the title in Extreme Fighting 2 and 3. The Gracie family was showcasing its expertise against other forms of martial arts as they had done for years in Brazil.

Extreme Fighting 1 results on Sherdog

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