Ralph Gracie v. Dokonjonosuke Mishima: Pride Bushido 1

On October 5, 2003, Ralph Gracie defeated Dokonjoosuke Mishima in an exciting match under the new Pride Bushido promotion in Saitama, Japan. Mishima was an MMA practitioner and a profesisonal wrestler. Ralph won by decision in round 2.

Other fighters on the card included Mirko Filipovic, Maurico Rua, Ryan Gacie, Rodrigo Gracie, Daniel Gracie and Renzo Gracie.

After reigning over the defunct Battlecade Extreme Fighting lightweight division and other events, Ralph was out of action for 5 years before returning to the cage for Team Gracie versus Team Japan. Mishima was expected to win as a modern MMA artist that was versed in Gracie style jiu jitsu, unlike many of the early competitors of the sport.

Mishima displayed a high level of athleticism, strength and comfort on the ground from his wrestling experience. This incited an incredible counter of fluidity of transitions from Ralph in demonstrating the dominance of jui-jitsu techniques over wrestling techniques. For example, Mishima’s wrestling control mainly established positions without a next step while Ralph’s jiu-jitsu control led directly to submission attempts aimed at ending the fight.

The judges were clean, voting 3-0 for Ralph to secure another victory.

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