Ralph Gracie v. Ali Mihoubi: Extreme Fighting 3 1996

On October 18, 1996, Ralph defended his lightweight championship at Extreme Fighting 3 in Tulsa, Oklahoma against Ali Mihoubi. This test was aginst a Kenpo karate champion.

Other fighters on the card included kickboxer and future UFC champion Maurice Smith.

Ralph came started the fight with an aggressive attack leading to an immediate take down to mount. Ali, not used to being on his back in a mounted position scrambled around in a layman’s manner trying to avoid a barrage of punches being rained down by the champion.

Moving to the high mount, Ralph was able to expose the elbows and weaken the arm strength of his opponent by forcing the arms from a chest position with bench press strength to a raised position with only shoulder strength to rely on.

Next, Ralph turned his hips to trap an elbow under the weight of his abdomens. This is a set up for the arm bar submission. Sure enough, the arm was soon hyper extended causing his opponent to tap with just over 3 minutes left in the first round.

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