Ralph Gracie in Black Belt Magazine, March 1997 Issue

By 1997, the Gracies had proven their value in Price, UFC, and many other venues, and the public was growing more curious and thirsty. There were only a few BJJ dojos at the time, mainly on the west coast, such as Ralph’s Mountain View academy. To fill this need, Ralph Gracie headlined a set of instructional VHS videotapes to help students learn from a distance.

With today’s Internet providing immediate availability of videos on YouTube, its hard to imagine how difficult it was to find BJJ material in 1997. Black Belt magazine and other publications often printed a sequence of still shots to explain moves in a cartoon strip format. So VHS videotapes were state of the art at the time for BJJ instructionals.

This advertisement allowed students to mail in a check or money order for the videos to be sent by mail over the course of several weeks. You could also order Gracie t-shirts, gloves and the Gracie Instruction Manual.

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