Ralph Gracie v. Steve Nelson 2: Unified Shoot Wrestling Federation 11 1998

On September 1, 1998, Ralph Gracie won a rematch at lightweight against Sambo stylist and wrestler Steve Nelson in Amarillo, Texas. Ralph won by submisison. The first fight occurred under the Exterme Fighting promotion in 1996.

The fight started in surprising fashion with the wrestler being quickly taken down, and later body slammed. The referee was cautious, restarting the fighters several times in the middle of the ring after ending up on the ground near the ropes. Ralph continued to control from the feet with several punches that connected.

On the ground, Steve Nelson had clearly made some adaptations since the first fight, showing some escape techniques from mount. For a good amount of time, Steve attacked from guard as Ralph defended and attempted finishing submissions. However, Gracie jiu-jitsu eventually proved itself again as Steve was baited into continually stretching out his arms in ground and pound attacks. In an instant, Ralph trapped one of the arms and swiveled his hips into the armbar from guard submission, causing Steve to tap quickly and vigorously.

Fight card for Unified Shoot Wrestling Federation 11 on Sherdog.com

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