BJJ Pendulum Sweep to Armbar

RGSJ BJJ pendulum sweep to arbmar

This Brazilian jiu-jitsu technique is an example of a sweep to an armbar. In general, a sweep advances the BJJ practitioner from an inferior position under the opponent to a superior position over the opponent. And an armbar traps the opponents arm using legs to hyper-extend the opponents elbow backwards. This particular technique, the BJJ pendulum sweep to armbar is being shown to the Gracie Juniors after school program at the Ralph Gracie dojo in San Jose.

The 3 Elements of BJJ Techniques

In my opinion, there are three elements to nearly every BJJ move to ease in both teaching and understanding the techniques. These three elements will be detailed in upcoming articles, and are utilized here to break down the pendulum sweep:

  1. Finding Grips;
  2. Creating Leverage; and
  3. Execution.

Machine’s Minute on the Mat Pendulum Sweep Video

When it comes to the BJJ pendulum sweep, Machine first shows an overhand grip on the opponent’s arm, leading into an underhand grip on the opponent’s leg. Second, the free leg swerves in a motion of a pendulum to create leverage by loading the opponent’s torso onto the nearside leg. Finally, in execution, the coiled leg springs out, assisted by a hip switch, to sweep the opponent onto his back.

BJJ for Self-Defense

For self-defense, this technique neutralizes any striking from an attacker that has taken the advantage. Also, the grips are independent of the gi which translates more closely to typical clothing of an attacker.

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